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Jets Overhead

by Jets Overhead

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Jets Overhead is the band's self-titled debut EP, released in 2003.


released May 20, 2003

Produced by Jets Overhead and Stephan Leenheer
Recorded by Stephan Leenheer at Greaves Moving and Storage (Victoria, BC) and Alders Plantation (Salt Spring Island, BC)
Mixed by Stephan Leenheer and Jocelyn Greenwood

All songs written by Jets Overhead
Published by Wandering In The Woods Songs (SOCAN)
Administered by Warner/Chappell Music
Art direction by James Kingsley and Piers Henwood

Adam Kittredge: Vocals, Guitar
Antonia Freybe-Smith: Vocals
Jocelyn Greenwood: Bass, Vocals
Piers Henwood: Guitar, Keyboards
Brendan Pye: Drums, Vocals, Percussion



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Jets Overhead Victoria, British Columbia

Jets Overhead is an ambient rock band, based in Victoria, BC, Canada.

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Track Name: Addiction
Addiction: Lyrics

Looking out onto a city of bad people
Climbing the walls to escape all the good evil
Blinding the student like horse independence
But I’m not one, you’re not one
One of those bad people


So much for teacher
The kids are all playing
But not my son
Not your son
They’re not those bad people

Change it tomorrow
Track Name: Mirror Mirror
Mirror Mirror: Lyrics

Look once more before the door
Find that wrong you’re looking for
Mirror makes a fool of me
Vanity I must concede

Cast aside your want to be’s
Buzzing around your want to sees
Mirror spies a different game
Look all day you are still the same

Nobody sees you
When you belong
I cannot see you
Don’t look too long

Fast inside the calling seas
Blasting out the pounding beat
Mirror sighs an unknown name
Look all day you’ll go insane

Nobody sees you
When you belong
Not much left here to get wrong
Track Name: Take-Out
Take-Out: Lyrics

Gonna make it so much better
Gonna take you out tonight
Gonna make it so much better
Gonna slide right out of sight

Like you babe but let’s talk later
Got to exercise his right
Gripping back a floating feather
He’s the snake you thought he might

You said you didn’t want it
Now you want it
It’s gone
You said you really want it
Now you got it
What’s wrong?

Lick your eye you’ll never see it
Hide yourself from what’s inside
He said that he won’t believe it
Lick your ear, lay down to lie

Gonna make it so much better
Gonna take you out tonight
Something in you knows way better
Why not drink a round and fight

Lick your eye you know you’ll never see it
Hide yourself from what’s inside
Track Name: George Harrison
George Harrison: Lyrics

As I walk through forests lovely
Sapphire stars and sun bleached skies
Looking on a world in wonder
I begin to wonder why

I can’t really love you
I can’t make you understand

Futile faking, wandering wishbone
Subtle with her scurvy eye
Is my fate to take her with me
Is my fate to leave her dry?

I can’t really love you
I can’t make you understand
So lost in the numbers
So lost in your wrinkled hands
Track Name: Sun Sun Sun
Sun Sun Sun: Lyrics

Gone, gone, going
Push, push, pulling
Breaking, breaking in

Keep, keep coming
Can’t keep coming
Keep, keep coming in

Sun, sun, sun, sun, sun

God of sunshine
Come to rewind
This one night for life

Rearview mirror
Life come clearer
Keep the sunshine bright

Sun, sun, sun, sun, sun

It’s a sunshine high
But I’ve got lonely eyes
Watch the planets fly
Or does the night-time lie?